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Dr. Ali Rashid Khoshnaw 

Dr. Ali Rashid Khoshnaw has a bachelor’s in Irrigation Engineering from the University of Baghdad, continuing his master’s at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. Furthermore, he proceeded to get his Ph.D.’s at the Hasan Kalyouncu University in Turkey.

Dr. Khoshnaw has received more than 50 training programs in more than 8 countries regarding water management, positioned as the President of Erbil Provincial Council from 2014 to this date.  Earlier to that, Dr. Khoshnaw had been assigned as a President of Erbil Municipality till 2014. He had also been the director of general planning in the Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources (KRG) for 2 years. Director of Irrigation in 2004 at Erbil – KRG. Finally, he has 6 years of experience with UN FAO as an Engineer Field Officer. Besides being Head of Khabat Irrigation Department in 1995. 

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